Sunbed Tubes for the Philips HB558 Sunbed

Philips HB558 Sunbed

Information from the Philips HB558 Manual

Sun couch tube lamps and starters 10 large tube lamps (type Philips UVA 100W "Cleo Performance") with 10 starters (type Philips S12)

Solarium tube lamps and starters - 6 large tube lamps (type Philips UVA 100W "Cleo Performances S") and 4 tubes (type Philips UVA 80W "Performance S") with 10 starters (type Philips S12) and one HP400 lamp for extra facial tanning performance.


GB Bulbs suggested replacement sunbed tubes for the Philips HB558 Sunbed.

Philips UVA 100W "Cleo Performances S" >

Slow Tanning Speed: Philips Cleo Performance 100w UVA

Medium Tanning Speed: Philips Cleo Swift 100w UVA

Fast Tanning Speed: Philips Cleo Advantage 100w UVA


Philips UVA 80W "Performance S >

Slow Tanning Speed: Philips Cleo Performance 80w UVA


Philips S12 Starter >

Philips S12 Starter

Cosmedico K11 Starter

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