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Light Bulbs, Sunbed Tubes, Fluorescent Tubes, Energy Saving Light Bulbs, Daylight Bulbs, Philips LED Bulbs, from Osram, Philips, Sylvania and More!

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Welcome to the GB Bulbs website, we specialise in the supply of Light Bulbs, Tubes and Control Gear.
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 Fluorescent Tubes 

Fluorescent Tubes  T5 Fluorescent Tubes Fluorescent Tube Starters Fluorescent Tubes Fluorescent Tubes Circular Fluorescent Tubes Shatterproof Fluorescent Tubes Fluorescent Tubes for Plant Growth
T8 T5 Starters Daylight Full Spectrum Circular Shatterproof Plants


 Sunbed Tubes

Sunbed Tubes  Philips Cleo Compact Sunbed Tubes Philips Cleo HPA Bulbs Sunbed Tube Starters Sunbed Tube Ballasts UV Tubes for Curing
 Tubes Facial HPA Starters Ballast UV Tube


 Candle Light Bulbs

Standard Candle Light Bulbs Bent Tip Candle Light Bulbs Flicker Flame Candle Light Bulbs
Standard Bent Tip Flicker






 Capsule Light Bulbs 

6v Capsule Bulbs   6v Capsule Bulbs  6v Capsule Bulbs Capsule Light Bulbs
6v 12v 24v G9


 GLS Light Bulbs

GLS Light Bulbs GLS Light Bulbs Crown Silver Light Bulbs  Craft Light GLS Fireglow GLS
Standard Low Voltage Crown Silver Craftlight Fireglow


 Golfball Light Bulbs 

 Golfball Light Bulbs


 Globe Light Bulbs 

 Globe Light Bulbs


 Reflector Spot Bulbs 

R39 Light Bulbs  R50 Light Bulbs  Reflector Spot Bulbs  R80 Light Bulbs
R39 R50 R63 R80
Buy Daylight Bulbs
Daylight bulbs produce a simular output to natural daylight and are excellent for areas where natural daylight is poor.
Full Spectrum Bulbs and Tubes
Full Spectrum light bulbs useful for SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER (SAD).
Fluorescent Tube Starters
Fluorescent Tube Starters, used to power up all types of fluorescent tubes.