Osram LED T8 Tube 2ft 7.6w (=18w) 830 (Warm White)

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Osram SubstiTUBE Value LED Tube
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  • Osram LED T8 Value Tube 2ft 7.6w 830 (Warm White)
  • Osram LED T8 Tube 2ft 7.6w (=18w) 830 (Warm White)
  • Osram LED T8 Tube 2ft 7.6w (=18w) 830 (Warm White)
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Osram LED T8 Value Tubes 2ft 7.6w 830 (Warm White). The LED tubes come with replacement starters that must be used with the tubes.  The correct LED replacement for standard T8 18w Fluorescent Tubes.


  • CAP - G13
  • Hour Life - 30,000
  • Colour - Warm White - 3000 Kelvin
  • Non Dimmable
  • Boxed in 10's

Osram SubstiTUBE Value LED Tube - OSRAM LED tubes are suitable for replacing T8 fluorescent lamps used in luminaires equipped with magnetic ballasts, so-called CCGs. A luminaire with a magnetic ballast can be recognised by the fact that the fluorescent lamp flickers after a cold start and requires a separate starter.

Product benefits

  • Quick, simple and safe replacement without rewiring
  • Energy savings of up to 65 % (compared to T8 fluorescent lamp on CCG)
  • Instant-on light, therefore ideally suitable in combination with sensor technology
  • Very high resistance to switching loads
  • Also suitable for operation at low temperatures

Areas of application

  • General illumination within ambient temperatures from –20…+45 °C
  • Corridors, stairways, parking garages
  • Cooling and storage rooms
  • Domestic applications
  • Industry
  • Warehouses
  • Supermarkets and department stores

Product features

  • LED alternative to classic T8 fluorescent lamps in CCG luminaires
  • Integrated ECG with high power factor
  • Uniform illumination
  • Lifetime: up to 30,000 h
  • Wide beam angle: 220°
  • Mercury-free and RoHS compliant
  • Luminous efficacy: up to 105 lm/W
  • Tube made of glass

Equipment / Accessories

  • Suitable for operation with low-loss and conventional control gears
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