GLS Light Bulbs, in LED, Halogen, CFL and Incandescent.

GLS Light Bulbs, in LED, Halogen, CFL and Incandescent formats.

The GLS (general lighting service) light bulb is commonly known as being the standard household light bulb. It was originally produced in only incandescent format, in various wattages with a pearl or clear finish. This bulb is almost obsolete in incandescent form due to EU law. It was then produced in a Low Energy (CFL) format, these 'compact fluorescent' GLS bulbs had great savings due to a reduced wattage. A halogen alternative offered a crisper output, and low energy savings, this is known as an ECOHAL or eco Halogen GLS. The most recent and highest energy saving model is the LED version. The LED GLS offers superb energy saving properties and also a great light output.

Below you will find a mixture of four of these GLS bulbs, please use the 'Shopping Options' filter on the left to pick your suitable GLS light bulb. 


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