Colour Temperatures

The below grid shows the different colour options available for many fluorescent tubes and low energy light bulbs. Click the text below to show items in our catalogue that match the colour selection. 

 Colour Temperature         Colour Code          Colour       Description
 2700K  827  Very Warm White  Incandescent bulbs - warm and cosy
 3000K  830  Warm White  Halogen bulbs - white and sharp
 3500K  835  White  Standard fluorescent light
 4000K  840  Cool White  Clinical and technical feel 
 6000K  860  Daylight  Natural daylight
 6500K  865  Cool Daylight / Full Spectrum         Near perfect to natural sunlight

The most common colour for low energy bulbs would be 2700k - 827 - warm white. The majority of low energy bulbs are produced in this 'yellow hint' colour as the product is designed to replace the out going incandescent or halogen bulb which have a similar colour output.

The most common colour fluorescent tube used in an office location is 3500k - 835 - white. However the option is there to pick any tube in the colour chart. For example an area with low or no natural light would benefit from daylight tubes. A museum or gallery would pick the 865 - full spectrum colour for its high colour rendition properties. It is generally observed that bright white light or a daylight colour promotes a feeling of security and confidence, much more than yellow or warm white light.

A work shop or medical lab would opt for a cool white - 4000k for a more clinical and safe working environment. The warm white tube would be ideal in a hotel lobby where you want to feel warm and relaxed. All these possibilities come down to personal preference and the environment that they are to be used in, as well as the number of natural light sources.