RUVA vs UVA Sunbed Tubes

RUVA vs UVA Sunbed Tubes

What is UVA and RUVA on the sunbed section? 

UVA is a standard sunbed tube. RUVA is a sunbed tube with a built in reflector, this is a quicker tanning tube. For this reason, RUVA tubes are used on the top of the canopy (lay down) sunbeds and UVA on the bottom due to them being less powerful and in a close proximity to the user. The reflector (darker side of the tube) should be positioned to back of the machine.


Which way around do I put the RUVA tube? Hold the tube up to the window you will see half the tube is dark, this is the reflector, (the R in RUVA). This should be put towards the back of the sunbed, so the dark side against the back wall and the lighter side facing towards the tanning area. The Philips/Isolde Cleo logo should be facing you.

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