Replacing Sunbed Tubes

Replacing Sunbed Tubes

“How do I know when to change my Sunbed Tubes?” 

This is a common question we get asked and the answer is straightforward - when they don’t tan you anymore!

Let us explain. Sunbed Tubes have a life expectancy measured in hours, often 500 or 800 hours depending on brand, maybe less for unbranded tubes but thats not something we sell so we won’t comment.

As an example, a new sunbed tube with a 500-hour life will need replacing once it has hit the 450-500 hours mark. The tanning performance will dramatically fall off once it gets to this point. At 500 hours (or once it has passed it useful life) the tube will remain alight and continue to fire up, the UV output, however, will be zero. From this point on the sunbed tube will act very much like a normal fluorescent tube, lighting up but not offering any UV performance. At some point, it will eventually die and go out. So just because a sunbed tube is still lighting up, does not mean the tube is still performing! If you have had the tubes since new then it should be obvious when they need replacing, as the tanning session (time spent under the sunbed) will extend and you will receive no tanning benefit.

If you have bought an old sunbed the common yet incorrect thought is to replace the 'faulty' tubes that do not light up. It seems like the logical thing to do - logical if they were normal fluorescent tubes. As read above, it is incorrect as the sunbed tubes have already passed their useful life. Re-tubing only a few at a time will result in an uneven bed with some sunbed tubes stronger than others.. and you might end up looking like a zebra!!

For this reason, sunbeds must be re-tubed as a whole so all tubes have the same life expectancy, offering an even tanning output across the sunbed.

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