Beam Angles

The angular dimension of the cone of light from reflectorized lamps (PAR, Halogen types) encompassing the central part of the beam out to the angle where the intensity is 50% of maximum. The beam angle sometimes called “beam spread” is often part of the ordering code for the reflectorized lamps. 

4 Degree 8 Degree 10 Degree 24 Degree
Beam Angle 4 Degree Beam Angle 8 Degree Beam Angle 4 Degree Beam Angle 24 Degree
The 4° beam angle is perfect for pin pointing an area of product such as jewelry where the beam shows the beauty for the piece.   The 10° beam angle is the standard spot beam. The 24° beam angle is the standard flood beam. 
36 Degree 45 Degree 60 Degree  
Beam Angle 36 Degree Beam Angle 45 Degree Beam Angle 60 Degree  
The 36° beam angle is the standard wide flood from most manufactures. It is the most common beam angle on the market and know as the standard.   The 60° beam angle is great for low ceilings and areas where you wish to light without seeing a spot on the floor. Commonly know as a very wide flood