2D 28w 4pin 835 [White - GR10Q]

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2D 28w 4pin 835 [White - GR10Q]
The 2D 28w 4pin 835 [White - GR10Q] with a GR10q cap, and a 15000 hour life. The bulb measures 204mm in height, and 204mm in width This product produces a colour output of 3500K, 835, White. This fluorescent bulb is known as a Philips PL-Q 4 Pin PLQ 28W/835/4P, GE 2D Watt-Miser 28w F282DT5/835/4P , 10567, F282D/835 Polylux, Osram CFL Square SQE28835, Sylvania Lynx QE 24999.